Between the three of us, we combine to have more than 50 years experience in the swimming pool industry and it is fair to say that we have likely “seen it all”. More and more we are seeing people doing their own research on pool equipment and wanting to be more informed about the products they are spending their hard earned money on. For that reason we have created the “Buffer Zone”.

Over the years we have been engaged by some of the big manufacturers to help design new equipment based on what we see the needs are for the public. We have also been asked by manufacturers to test and give feedback on latest release products and help work through perceived issues. It is this experience together with our industry knowledge that, we believe, gives us the right insight to perform these reviews.

Countless times we have turned up to clients homes to find that they have bought an expensive piece of equipment that is not right for their swimming pool and as a result is causing them more frustration than relaxation. No one installs a swimming pool wanting to be continually frustrated by it. Our aim is to inform the general public, as best we can, on the pro’s and con’s of the equipment that we review so they can make an informed decision before handing over their money.

Where possible, we will engage in discussions with the manufacturer to get information on statistics, faults and fixes on their products so our reviews not only include our opinion based on our experience but real data coming from the manufacturer.

While the three of us work within the Australian swimming pool industry, we are in no way promoting our service business. This website is completely independent of this and we are not looking for more business (so please don’t ask us to come to your house!). We are hoping that the Australian swimming pool industry will use this service to help inform their clients and that the average Joe/Joanne will use us to make well informed decisions.


  1. Pool Service/Installation companies are not to solicit on the forums. Manufacturers will be allowed to respond to specific concerns raised in order to help the end user to resolve an issue
  2. No offensive language will be tolerated
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