A great cleaner. A bit of a legend in the Australian pool industry. If you have the correct piping in the wall then we... Aqua Quip Jet-Vac Review

Manufacturers RRP for cleaner and hose: $1256.20 Including GST

  • Picks up large debris
  • Works independently of the Skimmer Box allowing surface to be skimmed
  • Normally only needs to run a couple of hours a day
  • Will last many years with servicing
  • Good for any pool surface
  • Internal reversing mechanism prevents it from getting stuck in corners
  • Before you go out and buy this cleaner, make sure you have the correct piping in your pool
  • You need to maintain the deflectors and wheels to prevent wear on the cleaner body
  • If you maintain shocking water chemistry then it may shorten the life of the cleaner and the hoses
  • If the bag gets full of heavy debris and it causes the cleaner to fall over, it can wear down the body

6 of 10

7 of 10

8 of 10

7 of 10

Ease of install:

We’ve given this product a 6 out of 10. This is not a hard product to install for someone in the industry but it really needs to be installed by a professional. If you are going to spend this much money on a cleaner then you want it done properly. Hoses need to be cut to length and the pump needs to be plumbed into the system. This is not for a novice. If you are simply replacing the cleaner and hose (Jetvac for Jetvac) then you could probably buy the cleaner and lay it down next to the old one and cut the hoses to the same lengths as the old one. If this is the first Jetvac you are thinking about installing, then get it done properly.


We have allocated a 7 out of 10 for the warranty. 12 months is not a particularly long but the reason they do this is because the cleaner is like a car. If you drive it non stop it will wear out faster. The manufacturers cant be responsible for this. Generally speaking though, if you don’t have any problems as soon as you install this cleaner then you should have no warranty issues with it. Between the three of us, we cannot recall ever having a warranty issue with this cleaner.

User friendly:

Cleaning the strainer in the wall and cleaning the bag on this are both easy to do after you have been shown only once.


This cleaner has basically not changed in 30 years. They haven’t needed to. That is part of the reason we like it so much. Other brands will change shape and design all the time trying to rejuvenate the look and this will sometimes cause a whole new set of design floors. This cleaner is simple, elegant (as far as pool cleaners go!) and looks good!

Helpful hints:

Don’t try and clean the cleaner bag while the pump is running… You could end up very wet!

If you maintain the deflectors and water chemistry then this cleaner should last you years.

In summary:

A great cleaner. A bit of a legend in the Australian pool industry. If you have the correct piping in the wall then we would highly recommend it.

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