This unit appears (at least at this early stage of its life on the Australian market) to have all the elements that you would... Astral HiNRG

Manufacturers RRP: Model 175 $4,081.00 Model 250 $6,088.50 Model 400 $7,430.50 Including GST

  • Solid 3 year full warranty (including in-field labour)
  • Internal extraction system allows for the heater to be installed indoors more economically
  • Early issues seem to have been worked out
  • ``Talks`` with Astral controllers
  • Runs off low water flow
  • While not overly loud, the heater does make some noise due to its in built extraction fan
  • There are heaters on the market that have a smaller footprint.

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Ease of install:

Heaters these days are lighter than they used to be so there is a good chance that this heater will be easier to install than your last. It would have made sense to us for the plumbing on this heater to be the same as the old Astral MX heaters that this model supersedes so if you are hoping to just bolt this in to where your old Astral heater was, that will not happen. Saying that, it is no harder to install than any other heater that you would have to re do the plumbing for anyway.


An unprecedented 3 year warranty makes this heater hard to go past. Some components even have 5 years warranty on them (excluding labour).

User friendly:

Some heater brands have complicated timers installed on the heater. This unit does not have that which makes it nice and easy to use. You have the option to install Astral controllers if you want more functionality (at a substantial cost mind you).


Hard to say really as they have only been on the market a few years. We have not seen any issues with corrosion or major faults other than the start-up issues referenced in the video. Given the manufacturer has gone for such a long warranty, it indicates their confidence in the product.

Helpful hints:

As with all heaters we would recommend that you raise them a little off the floor that they will be sitting on, either on some bricks or an additional concrete slab. An outdoor heater in particular can easily accumulate leaves and mulch around its base that will retain moisture that will rust out the base of your heater.

In summary:

This unit appears (at least at this early stage of its life on the Australian market) to have all the elements that you would want out of such an expensive purchase but delivered at a competitive price when compared with other heaters on the market.

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