This is the energy efficient pump of choice for many because of the good warranty and also, given the high level of functionality for... Astral Viron P320 Pool Pump Review

Manufacturers RRP: $1,554.00

  • Fully variable with 3 settable speeds
  • 8 Star energy rating
  • Internal timer
  • Big internal basket
  • Easy to use lid
  • Not every pool system is going to benefit from this type of pump
  • Make sure it is calibrated by a Pool Technician that has experience in energy efficient equipment
  • Don't just get it installed and leave it running on high speed or you will be disappointed with the savings

7 of 10

8 of 10

9 of 10

7 of 10

Ease of install:

Again, this is a product that really needs to be installed by and calibrated by a pool industry professional that has experience in these types of products or you won’t get maximum benefits. It installs just as easily as any other standard pool pump but the trick is in the calibration. These pumps are designed to be an upgrade from the old astral E, TX, CX and CTX pumps but they are slightly larger due to a larger motor size so if your old Astral pump is a very tight fit already you may need to do some replumbing to make it fit.


The three year warranty is at the upper end of the warranty scale for pool pumps which is why it has rated an 8 out of 10 by us. The warranty will not cover the pump if the motor is flooded of course, if the pump runs without water flowing through it or if the water has been extremely corrosive. The warranty also drops to 1 year if it is installed in a commercial installation. All of these warranty conditions are standard practice across all pool pump brands though.

User friendly:

There are some pretty bloody confusing controllers out there for energy efficient pumps but this one is refreshingly easy to use given the detailed functionality of it. As mentioned above, the pump lid is now really easy to use which is nice. Some pump lids can be a bit of a nightmare to get off and on properly but this one is close to idiot proof.


It just looks like a pool pump really. Nothing particularly outstanding about it in that department but it does look good.

Helpful hints:

As mentioned several times throughout this review, the main tip we could give you is to make sure it is installed properly from the start to get the maximum benefits. What we also see a lot of is people having installed these pumps, set up the pump correctly but then after backwashing or draining of the pool they leave it back on high speed. Be careful to not do this if you want to get all of the money saving benefits!

The circuit board on the motor can be susceptible to power spikes so it is a good idea to install a surge protector on the pump. They are not expensive and a good little insurance policy. We are recommending this to all pool equipment these days that have circuit boards inside them, not just for this product.

In summary:

This is the energy efficient pump of choice for many because of the good warranty and also, given the high level of functionality for what is a reasonable price (compared to other brands at least. We are happy to recommend this unit as we have installed many of them and been happy with their performance.

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