This is a good, basic salt chlorinator. By basic we don't mean that it is missing anything that other standard salt chlorinators have, We... Astral VX Chlorinator Review

Manufacturers RRP: VX9T (with timer) $2,255.00 Including GST

  • Long cell warranty
  • Good after sales service from Astral if required
  • Will ``talk`` with Astral branded control systems
  • Sleek design
  • Self cleaning
  • Easy user interface with a ``Low Salt`` light
  • ``Run dry`` protection for your pol pump
  • Keep chemicals within reasonable parameters to ensure the chlorinator works properly and to help it ``self clean``
  • Earlier models did not work well with energy efficient pumps on low speed. This appears to be resolved by recent modifications
  • A surge protector might be a good idea to protect the circuit board. We are starting to recommend this now on all equipment that have circuit boards, not just this unit or brand.

7 of 10

8 of 10

7 of 10

9 of 10

Ease of install:

This product needs to be installed by a professional. Even if you have done some plumbing before, it is still a good idea to get it done by someone with pool industry experience. We’ve rated it 7 out of 10 because it is no harder or easier to install than any other brand on the market. We always suggest that a salt chlorinator be installed by a pool technician.


The cell warranty is among the longest on the market, which is great. The warranty on the box component of this unit is a little more complex because it states 5 years pro rata. Our understanding is that by Australian Consumer Law you have to get at least 12 months warranty on any product. So the “pro rata” component of this warranty kicks in after the initial 12 month period presumably. The somewhat annoying thing is then that if it breaks down after the initial 12 month full warranty period then to get the benefits of the warranty you would need to purchase a complete new box at the discounted rate rather than just getting it repaired. Over the years We’ve had our arguments with Hurlcon (the previous name of this company before it was bought out by Astral) but since Astral have taken over, and in particular in the last few years, the warranty and after sales service has really improved to be one of the best in the industry.

User friendly:

It really is quite a user friendly unit considering it is digital. The only reason we have given it a 7 out of 10 and not higher is because of that annoying feature on the time clock that is mentioned in the review video. Not a deal breaker or anything, just a little annoying. Otherwise the box is great! The cell and its unions are nice and easy to pull apart.


To be honest, who really cares about this! It is going to be shoved away in the pool filter box anyway. But, if you like things to look good, then this is up there in the appearance stakes.

Helpful hints:

As with all salt chlorinators, we’d strongly suggest you keep the area around the unit protected from ants as they love to get into the boxes (especially in winter time). If this happens, it will void the warranty

Astral have their own version of a mineral additive called Acqua Therepe. It works well with salt chlorinators. You aren’t limited to just this brand of mineral additive with this salt chlorinator however, you can do your own research and add any brand you like.

As mentioned above, it might be a good idea to install a surge protector on this unit. It may never need to be used but for the small cost, it is a good little insurance policy. There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend a lot of money on replacing circuit boards etc. if you have a surge in your neighbourhood.

In summary:

This is a good, basic salt chlorinator. By basic we don’t mean that it is missing anything that other standard salt chlorinators have, We mean that it doesn’t have any bells and whistles on it like an acid doser or chemical testing probes like some units are coming out with.

As with all salt chlorinators you will need to manually adjust the chlorine production rate depending on the season as your pool will need a lot more chlorine in summer than it will in winter. If you already have a pool, then you should know this and be prepared for it. If you were not aware of this then We’d suggest you find yourself a good local pool shop and get your water tested by them regularly (they would normally test it for free if you buy your chemicals from them). Out of whack chemicals can cause all sorts of problems for you and your pool.

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