A really good robotic cleaner that is certainly one to put near the top of your list if you are researching a few different... Dolphin S300i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Manufacturers RRP: Dolphin S300i $2,390.00 Including GST

  • Lightweight
  • Large debris canister with filtration pads included for finer filtering
  • Hose swivel to stop it tangling
  • It has its own Bluetooth enabled App
  • It will pick up pretty much all leaf matter excluding large sticks and perhaps large pieces of bark
  • Make sure your water is balanced well if you are leaving any robotic cleaner in your pool for extended amounts of time (not specifically this model or brand)

9 of 10

7 of 10

8 of 10

7 of 10

Ease of install:

Well, it is a robotic pool cleaner, so installation is pretty easy. Even the App that they have for this device is easy to connect to.


24 months warranty is pretty much par for the course when it comes to robotic cleaners. They are not setting the world alight with it. The longest warranty in the Dolphin range is 36 months and that is the next model up.

User friendly:

Nice and easy to install and the leaf canister is great and easily accessible.


Well, it is a robotic cleaner… and it looks like it. That is not to say¬†that it looks bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess¬†there are other brands that have a “slicker” appearance.

Helpful hints:

It has been mentioned above and in the review video also and we are sorry to keep repeating ourselves but, if you want a robotic cleaner to last longer, it is better to keep it out of the pool and to use it when you need to. Leaving it sitting in the pool constantly risks shortening its life if your water chemistry is not right. Again, it is important to note that this is not specific to this brand, but all robotic cleaners.

You can organise a free demo of this cleaner if you contact your nearest authorized dealer.

In summary:

A really good robotic cleaner that is certainly one to put near the top of your list if you are researching a few different options. You would be hard pressed to be disappointed with this cleaner.

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