It’s hard to find negatives for a product like this as the feedback is subjective and there are no warranties etc. Our main thought... Enhance Mineral Additive

Manufacturers RRP: $80-$100 per 10kg bucket (no fixed price supplied)

  • Softens your hair and skin
  • Reduces eye irritation (when water balanced within parameters)
  • Gentle on sensitive skin (when water balanced within parameters)
  • Relief for muscle complaints
  • Helps with water clarity when added to salt chlorinated pools
  • Can be added to any pool
  • Priced well for entry level
  • You need to keep the dosage rates up to maintain benefits (every 6 months)
  • Make sure you get the dosage rates right because I have been told that if you add too much, it can make the water taste ``funny``, not enough and you may be disappointed. The person selling you the minerals should be able to help with that.

10 of 10

8 of 10

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Ease of install:

It couldn’t really get much easier… you open the bucket(s) and pour it in! It should be fully mixed through the water within 24 hours, especially if you have a cleaner in the pool.

User friendly:

Well, its certainly friendly on the user so I guess that makes it user friendly too. As I mentioned above, it’s easy to add. You might want to set a reminder on your phone calendar to add it (half dose) every 6 months to maintain the benefits.

Helpful hints

Try and keep on top of the other chemicals in your pool to get the maximum benefits from the “softness” and “moisturizing” claims the product makes. It doesn’t matter what you throw into your pool, if you have a chlorine or pH level that is through the roof, the water is never going to be particularly comfortable to swim in, even with this product in it.

In summary:

This is a great “newish” product. We can’t say it is better or worse than others on the market because it is impossible to compare this sort of product with others as it is completely subjective. All reports from our clients have been positive. One of the first pools we put this in was at a friends place. The wife said that her husband swims daily after work and she noticed an improvement in the softness of his skin… So obviously she loves it!

I also added this product to my sisters pool before a family function without telling anybody. Two people commented on how nice the water “felt” without any prompting. Two people out of the 10 adults that swam doesn’t seem like a lot, but don’t forget that I didn’t ask the question, it was completely un prompted. Not a bad response really.

It’s hard to find negatives for a product like this as the feedback is subjective and there are no warranties etc. Our main thought on this product is that it is priced well enough that it is worth a try and if you don’t notice the benefits, then just don’t add it again.

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