It really is hard to fault this system to tell you the truth. If you are seriously considering one of these units our only... Ozoneswim

Manufacturers RRP: $3,025.00 Including GST

  • A great way to maintain a healthy pool with minimal chlorine
  • You can use Mineral Additives to help as a clarifier and to relax muscles etc.
  • Low chlorine production from the cell means that you should get an extra long life from that wearing part
  • Low chlorine means it is better for sensitive skin and less likely to cause eye irritation
  • Comes with its own timer for the unit and pool pump
  • Given this product relies on both Ozone and a low level of chlorine, if something goes wrong with either of those supplies the pool could go green on you pretty quickly
  • This model does not have a chlorine sensor so if you get a run of particularly hot weather or if you have an unusually high bather load all of a sudden, you could also find yourself in a bit of strife!
  • There is a little filter of cotton wool under the box you may not know about... This needs to be cleaned periodically (essentially replace the cotton wool inside it)

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Ease of install:

For a pool technician this will be no problem at all. It is like installing a salt chlorinator but with a couple of extra fittings.


5 Years on the Ozone generator, 3 years on all other parts except the fan and check valve which have 12 months.

User friendly:

This product is very friendly for the user in so much as it is “friendly” on the skin and eyes, but to get the true value out of this unit, you need to monitor the readings closely in summer or if the pool is getting used a lot. We say this because the true value in the product is being able to have low chlorine levels. A lot of pools stay clear over the summer because the average joe just cranks the chlorinator up high enough to cope with fluctuation in bather load and temperature. If you do this with this product then it sort of defeats the purpose of having this system installed. If you are going to have this system in your pool then you will want to be an attentive pool owner or have your pool serviced regularly by a professional who understands this type of system.


Despite what a lot of pool technicians might tell you, this is actually quite a simple system, it is just misunderstood. The cell “should” last for years because its chlorine output is so low so it will wear slower. The corona that produces the ozone has a good solid warranty on it and is easily replaced when it does die.

Helpful hints:

For an indoor pool I could see absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t install this unit. For an outdoor pool, if you are nervous about the fluctuations of chlorine that could occur during heatwaves, storms or high use days, then you should consider an Ozone generator with an automatic chlorine dispenser that will adjust for these issues

Here is a great link to help you understand Ozone:

In summary:

It really is hard to fault this system to tell you the truth. If you are seriously considering one of these units our only advice would be that you need to make sure that you monitor the chemical levels closely. That, in theory, is of course just good practice for a pool owner. In reality, a lot of pool owners want to put something into their pool that they don’t ever have to think about. The choice of purchasing this unit should depend on the sort of pool owner you are or if you can afford a good pool guy to look after it for you.

If you want the “fresh” feeling of swimming in an ozone pool and you are the “set and forget” type of pool owner then you should look at a basic ozone system installed with a chlorine and acid dispensing unit. It will adjust the chlorine levels depending on weather, bather load etc. You’ll still need to do some work of course, but it will greatly reduce the amount you need to do.

The one major thing this type of system is fighting against is a lack of knowledge from people within the pool industry. Most pool companies will want to install something that is going to get the least amount of “call backs” and that is generally going to happen when you have a system where you can just turn the chlorine levels up to mask the other problems the pool is having. If you have been suggested this unit by your pool company then they are probably up to speed with the system. If you are doing your own research into low chlorine pools and have stumbled across this then you may want to contact the manufacturer and they will put you onto someone in your area who is an expert in this sort of equipment.


    24 July 2017 #1 Author

    hi – I had Brauer Ozone Swim unit installed 24th Dec.16… it has been great – Pool water has been / is crystal clear.. The unit was initially installed running high chlorine production- but, it wasn’t needed so I turned it down and then in June also reduced running time down to 4 hours per day…. very happy so far


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