This "wet end" for the unit has been around for decades and has a reputation for lasting and the motor has all of the... Theraflow TVS Pool Pump

Manufacturers RRP: 1hp $1669.50 Including GST

  • None of us here at the Bufferzone have ever seen one of these wet ends crack so it should certainly last the life of the motor with very few issues
  • With threads moulded into the pump it gives you more flexibility with plumbing
  • Easy to remove lid
  • Nice and quiet
  • The basket is a little smaller than some other brands
  • Before putting the pump lid back on, make sure the seal is down flat and in its groove or you could pinch and damage it.

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Ease of install:

Given the smaller size of the unit and the fact that it has the capacity to be both hard plumbed and plumbed with the unions provided, this makes the unit nice and easy to install.


Other pumps on the market have more comprehensive warranties. While the warranty is 3 years on most parts, it is let down slightly by the fact that in field labour is only 12 months. The products that combine to make this unit are all already in the industry on other pumps (or have been in the past) and have a good reputation for lasting. The restricted warranty is more likely a reflection on the fact that this supplier, despite being in the industry for many years themselves, has only just started supplying pumps to the market and are taking a tentative approach.

User friendly:

Nice easy pump lid to remove for access to the basket and that is generally all the homeowner really needs to do. All other aspects of this pump, which are still user friendly, would be done by a service technician.


This particular offering has only been on the market a few years so it is hard to tell. As we have mentioned a few times, however, the wet end of this unit is built to last by one of the most respected pump manufacturers in the world.

Helpful hints:

If you are installing this pump in any situation where leaves and moisture can build up around the bottom of it then we would recommend that you raise it slightly off the ground. We would recommend this for all pumps really as we see motors affected by this all the time. This motor sits slightly lower than the usual. Not a floor or anything, just something to take note of.

In summary:

This “wet end” for the unit has been around for decades and has a reputation for lasting and the motor has all of the features needed for most backyard swimming pools.

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