It's early days for this heater but so far it is looking good. Great warranty with some nice new features I haven't seen on... Zodiac JXi Gas Heater

Manufacturers RRP: Zodiac 370MJ JXI Nat Gas Heater $7,585.00 Including GST

  • Great warranty
  • Lightweight (for a heater anyway!)
  • Adjustable sweep elbow to help with installation and efficiency
  • Rotatable top
  • Easy to service
  • Having the external fittings like this heater does means there is a slightly larger footprint. Not a problem, just make sure you allow for that when sizing the installation area as you need to have certain clearances around the heater

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Ease of install:

It’s lightweight and has a rotatable top assembly so installation (as far as heaters go) is relatively simple. It needs to be done by a professional of course, as with all gas appliances. The movable sweep elbow is a neat little addition allowing you to not only connect the plumbing from the top or front, but also makes the piping more efficient.


Super warranty of 3 years. The good thing about Zodiac is that they don’t shirk their responsibilities with warranty. As I mention in the video, they have probably released some products in the past a little early and had some issues, but to their credit, they always stick by their warranty and a 3 year warranty on this product gives you great peace of mind. Add that to the fact that they have already released thousands of these in the USA, and you should feel very comfortable

User friendly:

Easy to use interface.

Helpful hints:

These heaters require a certain amount of flow, so it might not be a bad idea to get the installer to install a “Flow Check Valve” so you can make sure you have enough water flow for the heater¬†while at the same time¬†maximizing the efficiency of your pump. You can turn the speed up or down on your pump (assuming that you have an energy efficient model) to get maximum benefits out of your equipment.

In summary:

It’s early days for this heater but so far it is looking good. Great warranty with some nice new features I haven’t seen on a heater before. Certainly worth considering!

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